The Kidsploration Library provides self-serve laminating. 


  1. Switch the power on (located at the rear right side of the machine). The control panel buttons will flash once as part of a check light system to ensure proper function.
  2. The Standby button will turn on with a soft blue glow. The machine is automatically warming up to hot lamination. Please wait for around 30 seconds.
  3. When the machine is ready, the green “Ready” LED and entry tray LED’s will come on and the machine will beep to indicate that it is ready for lamination.
  4. The Green “Feed” light will light up when the user can insert a pouch. The light will go off when the document is inside the machine and will come back on when it is acceptable to feed another pouch.
  5. Turning off the Machine – Push the top power button, the machine will go into cool-down mode. The heaters will turn off, but the rollers will still run until the unit reaches the desired temperature to turn off completely.


  • Only laminating films purchased from the Library counter are allowed.
  • Only Octopus Card payment is accepted.
  A4 Laminating Film A3 Laminating Film
 $2 / film  $4 / film


Conduct of Users

  • The Kidsploration Library is not responsible for any damage to items due to machine or product failure.
  • Any damages of laminator should be reported to the Library staff immediately. In case of misuse of equipment, the users will be held responsible for the total cost incurred for repair or replacement.