Course Reserves

Course Reserves are reading material listed in the course outline with the more heavily used items placed behind the Library Counter for short term loan. They are mainly two types of course reserves, (a) required reading materials, and (b) supplementary reading material. If a book falls under the "Course Reserve at Counter" collection, the book is placed behind the Library Counter and you will need to ask Library staff to retrieve it.

To access the Course Reserves list: Click here

You can also watch this 2-min video to see how to find course reserves quickly:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Course Reserves: 

Q1: How many Course Reserves items can I borrow?

Please refer to Loan Quota.

Q2: What is the overdue fine for Course Reserves?

HK$2.00 per hour per item. For more details, please refer to Overdue Fines, Damage & Loss.

Q3: How do I find course reserves for the next term?

The Library will update the Course Reserves list before the start of each term.

Q4: May I provide a personal photocopy of a journal article or book chapters as Course Reserves?

Teachers and students may upload a reasonable portion of copyrighted works (including but not limited to multimedia items) to YCCECE Moodle (or other College network) for the purpose of giving or receiving instruction; where the material should:
  1. Meet the criteria of fair dealing,
  2. Security measures are in place (e.g. requiring login with username and password),
  3. Access is restricted to the course enrolled students, and
  4. The copyrighted works are hosted on YCCECE Moodle (or other College network) for a period not exceeding 12 consecutive months.