Special Collections

Special Collections at the Kidsploration Library houses Yew Chung publishing, Donation and other precious materials which are important sources for teaching and research.

One of the special collections are donated by Professor Rhee Won Young, a member of the YCCECE Board of Directors,  we are pleasured and thanks the Donation of Professor Rhee. Those Books was specially named as "Professor Rhee Collection" on Special Collection series.

Professor Rhee Collection
  • Member, YCCECE Board of Governors
  • Professor Emerita of Early Childhood Education, Chung-Ang University, Seoul
  • President, PECERA International (2008-2012)
  • President, Korean Society for Early Childhood Education (1991-1995)
Yew Chung Collection
Yew Chung Collection serves as the repository for the records of historical value for the Yew Chung. It is set up to systematically collect, organize and preserve College documents that have enduring value.

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