Research Consultation Service (RCS)

One-on-One Research Consultation Service is offered for YCCECE Staff and Students.

To request for an appointment, please complete the Research Consultation Request Form. A librarian with expertise in your area will schedule the appointment with you, usually within 2-3 working days.

Copyright Warning

Unfair use of copyright works or violation of license agreements may result in the termination of access to e-resources for the entire Yew Chung community.  Activities including, but not limited to, excessive/systematic downloading or access via robotic tools are strictly prohibited.  Legal action will be taken by the copyright owner. The Library will suspend users' off-campus access to all e-resources who have committed excess download. [More information]

讀者濫用版權作品或違反版權合約,版權人將會採取法律行動,並停止耀中幼教學院全體師生使用電子資源。被嚴禁的行為包括(但不僅限於):大量或有系統性的下載及透過自動化工具進入電子資源. 違者會被暫停所有電子資源之遠程接收. [詳情]