Laptop Loan

YCCECE students and staff can borrow laptop at the Library. The Library has a total of 10 laptops available for loan a first-come-first-served basis.

Important Notes on using the Library laptop loan:

  1. All data will be erased upon restart of the laptop. Users are advised to save all the work on an external device.
  2. You are liable for the cost of repair and/or replacement if there is any damage, lost, or theft to the equipment.
  3. Please make sure to return the laptop on the same day of borrow or you may be subject to fines.

1. Eligibility

  • Current YCCECE staff/ students are eligible to borrow the laptops
  • All students/staff must use their own College Student / Staff ID Cards to borrow laptops. Library staff may refuse laptop loans to students/staff without a valid student/staff card.

2. Loan Rules

  • Each user can borrow one set of laptop
  • Each laptop loan period is 4 hours and can be renewed once via your Library Account.
  • The borrowed laptop must be returned on the same day of the loan and 20 minutes before the Library’s closing time.
    • No advanced booking / hold placing
    • No checkout on the last hour of the library’s opening hours
    • It is strictly prohibited to: 
      -   Borrow the laptops for overnight 
      -   Take the laptops out of the Campus

3. Fines & Charges


Overdue Fine

Overnight Fine

Maximum Overdue Fine

$20 / hour*

$100 / night

$700 / set#

* Including Library closing hours

# Laptop loans that reach the Maximum Overdue Fine is Assumed lost

  • Lost / Assumed Lost / Damage: If the laptop is lost, assumed lost or damaged, the borrower is responsible for the cost of replacement $5000, maximum overdue fine $700 (if applicable), and $60 processing fee.
  • Failure to pay the fines will result in the suspension of library privileges until payment is settled.

4.   Borrowing

  • Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis
  • Present your valid  YCCEC staff / student card in person at the Library
  • It is your responsibility to examine the condition of the laptop and accessories upon checkout. Please report any defects or malfunctions to the counter once they are found.

5.   Returning

  • Return the laptop at Library in person
  • Please leave the laptop bag open when returning for Library staff to check items in the bag
  • The whole set of equipment has to be returned 20 minutes before the Library’s closing time

6.   Responsibility & Liability

  • NEVER leave the laptops and accessories unattended
  • Take good care of the equipment
  • Don’t add / remove / modify any hardware or software in the laptops
  • Use the laptops solely for academic or educational purposes
  • Observe copyright law. You are responsible for any consequences arising from inappropriate uploading and/or downloading of any copyright-protected files
  • The Library is not responsible for any leakage of personal data or data lost due to hardware / software / logout failure
  • The above guideline is subject to review and update by YCCECE Library as appropriate without prior notice