Overdue Fines, Damge & Loss

Overdue Fines


Overdue Fine

Maximum Fine

All circulated items

$2 / day

$50 / item

Course Reserve items

$2 / hour

$50 / item


$20 / hour*

$700 / set

*Students who fail to return the laptop computers on the same day of loan will be charged an extra overnight fine of $100. For more information, please visit the Library website.

Damage and Loss     

  • Damage / Loss of loan items should be reported to the Circulation Counter as soon as possible.
  • A charge for lost/damaged Library materials will be imposed. Charges will depend on the situation.
  • An overdue item that reached the maximum overdue fine is assumed lost.
  • The charge is calculated based on the replacement cost of the damaged/lost item plus a processing fee. It is non-refundable.
  • All lost and damaged items remain the property of the Library.

 Replacement cost of the lost item + a processing fee (HK$ 60) +  the maximum item overdue fine