1. Admission to the Library
    1. Admission to the Library is conditional upon the presentation of a valid College Identity Card. Library staff have the right to request for the presentation of the College Identity Card.
    2. Cards are not transferable and loss of a card must be reported to the Administration Section for issuance of a replacement card.
    3. Visitors are admitted only with the permission of Library staff.
  2. Library privileges
    Library privileges are personal and individual. They are not transferable to, or used on behalf of, other persons. Privileges are divided into four categories:
    1. Borrowing privileges are granted to all registered students and staff of the College.
    2. Reserve materials are available particularly for the use of teaching, academic, and curriculum development purpose.
    3. Reading privileges are granted to all registered students and staff of the College and visitors.
    4. The use of facilities:
      • Study area is for the purpose of reading and studying only.
      • Self-help photocopying and printing machine is available in the Library. Users may obtain photocopies of materials at cost, provided there is no infringement of copyright.
      • AV equipment is provided for supporting the use of the Library AV materials. Headphones are available at the Circulation Counter for use in the Library. Please return the borrowed headphone(s) and AV materials (if not checked out) to Library staff at the Circulation Counter.
  3. Borrowing regulations
    Holders of valid College Identity Cards are eligible to borrow the library materials according to the following conditions:
    1. All lendable library materials must be checked out at the Circulation Counter before they can be taken away from the Library. Any infringement of this regulation may lead to disciplinary action or prosecution.
    2. A valid College Identity Card must be presented when borrowing library materials.
    3. Borrowing privileges are different depending on the identity of the card holder and the item borrowed.
    4. Borrowers may renew loans for two additional periods. Renewals must be made on or before the last date of the initial loan period.
    5. When renewing items, it will base the new due date on the current date.
    6. Borrowers should take the responsibility to report loss or damaged items at the Circulation Counter.
    7. Fines for the late return of borrowed materials will be calculated according to the official opening hours/days of the Library and will be charged accordingly.
    8. An overdue item that has reached the maximum fine is assumed lost. The student will be charged with a total amount of the replacement cost of the lost item, a processing fee of $60, and the maximum overdue fine. All assumed lost items remain the property of the Library.
    9. Users who refuse or neglect to pay any amount owing will lose their borrowing privileges and may be placed on administrative suspension until all library bills or fines have been paid and all loans have been returned.
    10. As the College of Library, any remain residual payment (e.g. fines and loan) in Library will cause to Users who not permitted to receive any certificate/award from the College, even graduation, until all bills or fines have been paid and all loans have been returned.
  4. Copyright regulations
    The use of library materials and facilities is subject to data protection legislation, copyright law and vendor licence agreements. Users must observe the applicable copyright law and the terms of any vendor licence agreements for materials they use, including print materials, electronic resources and materials in all other formats. The Law states that serious infringement in photocopying, scanning or downloading of copyrighted material could lead to civil action or even criminal prosecution.

  5. Conduct of Library patrons
    1. The Library is a place for study and research work. Library users should maintain a quiet learning and research environment.
    2. Mobile phones, pagers, and other beeping/ringing devices must be turned to silent mode in the Library at all times.
    3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Library.
    4. Drinking and/or eating is forbidden in the Library.
    5. All filming, recording, or taking photos in the Library must be approved by the Library staff in advance.
    6. Reservation of seats is normally not permitted except in cases when official reservation application is approved by the Library. Books and personal property left unattended on tables will be removed by library staff without prior notice to the owner.
    7. Personal belongings must not be left unattended in the Library. The Library does not accept any responsibility for the loss of personal belongings in the Library.
    8. All library furniture, equipment, and library materials must be kept clean. All library furniture and equipment should be kept in their original positions.
    9. Unauthorized removal or mutilation of library materials is a serious offence. Offenders will be charged the full replacement plus administration costs and will be suspended from library privileges. For students, cases will also be referred to the Student Affairs Office.
    10. In the use of photocopying machines in the Library, the law regarding copyright must be observed. Reproduction or duplication of audio-visual materials or computer software is strictly prohibited.
    11. Any request for reproduction of any library printed materials for presentation or teaching purpose by using a camera must be approved by the Librarian.
    12. Library users will be held responsible for loss or damage to any library materials whilst in their charge.
  6. Exclusions
    1. Borrowers who have kept overdue books which have accumulated the maximum fines will be suspended from borrowing until the matter has been settled.
    2. Borrowers who refuse to pay for books damaged or lost while on loan to them or to pay fines accrued on overdue books or who consistently refuse to observe regulations will be barred from the Library. The Library reserves the right to exclude any person who has infringed any of the library regulations from entering into the Library.
    3. Any user who violates any of the library regulations or acts in any way which may interfere with the convenience of other users of the Library or with the normal routine of the Library may be excluded from the Library for a set period of time by the Library staff.