Find Library Materials

How to find Library material?

You can find Library materials by searching the Library Catalog.

Simply go to the Library website and type a keyword, author, or title in the search box. If you don't want to go to the Library website each time, you can bookmark the Library Catalog URL in your browser and search directly in the catalog.

Library website:

Library Catalog:


E-books are available via the EBSCO database.

Search EBSCO: Click here

You can also watch this short video to learn how to find e-books:

YCCECE users have access to Alexander Street's Education in Video series. This online video collection contains 1650 hours of video that gives education students a reliable way to observe the intricacies of behaviour that define effective teaching style. Video content includes demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms. The collection also contains a wealth of ready-to-use teaching tools, including course, study, and discussion guides, assessment checklists, and themed playlists.
More information about the collection can be found here.
To access the video collection: click here.

The Library has print and electronic journal available to YCCECE users.

Print Journals

To see the list of print journals: Click here


There are several ways to find journal articles online.

(1) Searching in EBSCO Database

The easiest way to find journal articles is through the EBSCOhost database. You can search directly on the EBSCO database platform, or switch the drop-down list in the Library Catalog to "Discovery".

Search EBSCO: Click here

Search in Koha (Discovery search mode): Click here*

*Make sure you have selected "Switch to Discovery" in the drop-down list next to the search box.

Unfortunately, the Library Catalog is linked only to the EBSCOhost database. There are many other journals you have access to but are not searchable in the Library Catalog or EBSCOhost database. The best way to find expand your search on articles is to search the following sources:

(2) JSTOR Archival Journal Collections

Over 300 journals and book chapters in law, psychology, public policy & administration, education, linguistics, sociology, social work, Asian studies; in addition to EBSCO, JSTOR is another great database available to you to look for scholarly information. JSTOR stands for "Journal Storage". As the name implies, it focuses on archiving journal content. Although it may not contain the latest issue, the coverage of a journal is impressive. Many of the journals provide access to content published over 50 and even 100 years ago!

Check out this newsletter that gives an introduction to JSTOR.

To access JSTOR: Click here

(3) Individual Journal Website

For example, here is a list of some of the online journals you have access to:

  • Early Years
  • European Early Childhood Education Research Journal
  • Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education
  • Early Child Development and Care
  • Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
  • Journal of Early Childhood Research
  • Young Exceptional Children
  • Early Childhood Research Quarterly
  • Infant Behavior and Development
  • Teaching Young Children
  • Young Children
  • International Journal of Early Childhood
  • Zero to Three Journal

To access the journals above, search their name in the Electronic Resources page: Click here

Course Reserves are reading material listed in the course outline. They are mainly two types of course reserves, (a) required reading materials, and (b) supplementary reading material. If a book falls under the "Course Reserve at Counter" collection, the book is placed behind the Library Counter and you will need to ask Library staff to retrieve it.

To access the Course Reserves list: Click here

More information on Course Reserves can be found here.

You can also watch this 2-min video to see how to find course reserves quickly:


The Library has print and electronic newspaper.

Print Newspaper

The print version of South China Morning Post (SCMP) is available at the Library. SCMP is collected from Monday to Friday and will be kept for two weeks.


(1) Wisenews

Wisenews is a newspaper articles database where local and international news in Chinese or English are available.

To access Wisenews: Click here

(2) EBSCO Database

Besides e-books and journal articles, the EBSCO database also contains newspaper articles, mostly international news.

To access EBSCO: Click here