Vision & Mission

YCCECE is a member of the Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF), both are registered non-profit organisations in Hong Kong

Our Vision

The Library strives to provide high quality information and resource services for All YCCECE members, as support College mission that will enable YCCECE members to achieve their life goals and to support the sustainable and strategic development of them.

Our Mission

The Library supports the Institute's mission to lead innovation in Early Childhood Education (ECE)  and promotes and supports the sustainable and strategic development of Early Childhood Education (ECE)  in Hong Kong through:

  • Provide an enabling environment for learning, teaching, research and knowledge exchange;
  • Organize and provide high-quality information resources and services to support all academic programs at the College, accessible to all staff and students, and extended to alumni and Yew Chung family;
  • Promote the creation and dissemination of new knowledge by College members.

Yew Chung & Yew Wah Network

YCCECE is part of an unrivalled network of international kindergartens, schools and college that spans more than 22 locations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Silicon Valley in the United States. Each school is independently registered and operated.


Hong Kong


YCIS Hong Kong


YWIEK Shenzhen


YCIS Qingdao

YWIEK Qingdao


YCIS Beijing

YWIES Beijing

YWITEC Beijing


YCIS Chongqing

YWIEK Chongqing Forte

YWIEK Chongqing Rongke



YWIES Yantai


YWIES Guangzhou


YWIEK Rizhao

YWIS Rizhao

United Kingdom

Somerset Yew Wah Classroom



YCIS Shanghai

YWIES Shanghai Gubei

YWIES Shanghai Lingang

YWIEK Shanghai Biyun


YWIES Tongxiang

United States

YCIS Silicon Valley