Circulation Services

The Library provides useful resources to support the curricula of all programmes offered in the College. Students with a valid College Student / Staff Card are eligible to borrow library materials in person. Loan services including borrowing and returns are available at the Circulation Counter and students are encouraged to renew their loans and hold on-loan library materials online by themselves.

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1.3.2 Library Privileges

Each student has the following library privileges which are not transferable to, or used on behalf of, other students:

  1. Borrowing and reading privileges are granted to all registered students of the College.
  2. Course reserve materials are available for teaching, academic, and curriculum development purposes.
  3. The use of library facilities:
    • Study area is for reading and studying purposes only.
    • Self-help photocopying and printing machine is available in the Library. Students may obtain photocopies of materials at cost provided there is no infringement of copyright law.
    • AV equipment is provided for the use of Library AV materials. Headphones are available at the Circulation Counter for use in the Library and must be returned after use to the Circulation Counter.


1.3.3   Borrowing Regulations

Holders of a valid student card are eligible to borrow library materials according to the following conditions:

  1. All lendable library materials must be checked out at the Circulation Counter or the self-check machine before they can be taken out of the Library. Any infringement of this regulation may lead to disciplinary action or prosecution.
  2. A valid student card must be presented when borrowing library materials.
  3. Borrowing privileges vary depending on the programmes the students have enrolled in and items on loan.
  4. The students may renew their loans online, the number of renewal and renewal loan periods depend on the library items. All renewals must be completed online or via the self-check machine on or before their due dates.
  5. The students should take responsibility to report loss or damages of library items at the Circulation Counter.
  6. Overdue fines for late return Library materials will be calculated according to the library opening hours (except for laptop loans) and will be charged accordingly.
  7. An overdue item that has reached the maximum fine of HK$300 for laptop computers and HK$50 for other library items is assumed lost. The student will be charged with a total amount of the replacement cost of the lost item, a processing fee of HK$60 and the maximum overdue fine. All reported lost items, even if found later, will remain the property of the Library.
  8. The students with outstanding library fine will have their borrowing privileges suspended temporarily and may be placed on administrative suspension until all library bills and fines have been paid and all overdue loans have been returned.


11.3.4 Copyright Regulations


The use of library materials and facilities is subject to data protection legislation, copyright law and vendor licence agreements. All students must observe the applicable copyright law and the terms of any vendor licence agreements for materials they use, including print materials, electronic resources and materials in all other formats. Serious infringement in photocopying, scanning or downloading of copyrighted material may lead to civil action or criminal prosecution.


Full Library Regulation is coming soon.