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Early Childhood Education Collection:


Equality, participation and inclusion 1 : diverse perspectives

Editor: Rix, Jonathan

Year: 2010

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Kindergarten : Whole Book Approach Storytime Guide

Author: Lambert, Megan Dowd

Year: 2020

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Starting inquiry based science in the early years : look, talk, think and do

Author: Tunnicliffe, Sue Dale

Year: 2016

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More ECE books:

兒童學習綱領 / 協康會

兒童發展評估表 / 協康會

早期療育 / 盧明

Early Childhood Education e-book Collection:


Big science for growing minds constructivist classrooms for young thinkers

Author: Brooks, Jacqueline Grennon

Year: 2011

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Culture and child development in early childhood programs practices for quality education and care

Author: Howes, Carollee.

Year: 2010

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Embedding STEAM in early childhood education and care

Editor: Caroline Cohrssen

Year: 2021

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More ECE e-books:

Emergent teaching  a path of creativity, significance, and transformation / Crowell, Sam

Empowering early childhood educators international pedagogies as provocation /

Key persons in the early years building relationships for quality provision in early years settings and primary schools / Elfer, Peter.

Nurturing natures attachment and children's emotional, sociocultural and brain development / Music, Graham

Preschool in three cultures revisited  China, Japan, and the United States / Tobin, Joseph Jay

Self-reg how to help your child (and you) break the stress cycle and successfully engage with life / Shanker, Stuart

Teaching Mathematics through Story A creative approach for the early years. McGrath, Caroline

Your anxious child how parents and teachers can relieve anxiety in children / Dacey, John S

General Collection - English:


Art as Research : Opportunities and Challenges

Author: McNiff, Shaun

Year: 2013

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Art practice as research : inquiry in visual arts

Author: Sullivan, Graeme

Year: 2010

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Cognitive styles and learning strategies : understanding style differences in learning and behaviour

Author: Riding, R. J.

Year: 2013

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More General Collection - English books:

Creative research in music : informed practice, innovation and transcendence /

Doing naturalistic inquiry : a guide to methods /

Interpreting qualitative data / Silverman, David.

Naturalistic inquiry / Lincoln, Yvonna S.

Performance as research : knowledge, methods, impact /

Proposals that work : a guide for planning dissertations and grant proposals / Locke, Lawrence F.

Qualitative research & evaluation methods : integrating theory and practice / Patton, Michael Quinn.

The Sage handbook of qualitative research /

General Collection - Chinese:


三字經 百家姓 千字文 弟子規 千家詩

Contributor(s): 李逸安, 張立敏譯註

Year: 2011

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Year: 2013

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Author: 豐子愷

Year: 2017

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More General Collection - Chinese books:

三字經百家姓千字文弟子觀 / 李逸安

商務印書館民國老課本經典誦讀 : 童趣 / 張元濟

商務印書館民國老課本經典誦讀 : 常識 / 張元濟

商務印書館民國老課本經典誦讀 : 歌謠 / 張元濟

商務印書館民國老課本經典誦讀 : 啟蒙 / 張元濟

幼學瓊林(上) / 張慧楠

幼學瓊林(下) / 張慧楠

笠翁對韵 / 李漁

笠翁對韻 / 李鳴

聲律啟蒙 / 檀作文

聲律啟蒙 / 李鳴

龍文鞭影(2020)/ 喬天一

龍文鞭影 / 喬天一

Children's Book


Don't invite dinosaurs to dinner

Author: Griffiths, Neil

Year: 2011

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ESME's Egg

Author: Griffiths, Neil

Year: 2012

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Grandma's tiny house

Author: Brown-Wood, JaNay

Year: 2017

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More Children's books:

Bob / Pearson, Tracey Campbell

If I was the sunshine / Fogliano, Julie

If Only / Griffiths, Neil

Itchy Bear / Griffiths, Neil

Joseph Had A Little Overcoat / Taback, Simms

Shaun the Shy Shark / Griffiths, Neil

Thank You, Omu! / Mora, Oge

The girl and the wolf / Vermette, Katherena.

The king of kindergarten / Barnes, Derrick D.

The little red stroller / Furst, Joshua

This is Sadie / O'Leary, Sara

We've got the whole world in our hands / López, Rafael

Special Collection:



Cowey's Adventure

Author: Kaman Wu; illustrated by Jin Chan ; edited by Ruoyu Wu.

Year: 2020-2021

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Home Jump Starter : for K1-K2

Author: Kaman Wu; illustrated by Jin Chan ; edited by Ruoyu Wu.

Year: 2020-2021

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School Jump Starter : Seeds STEM in the classroom, for K1-K2

Author: Kaman Wu; illustrated by Jin Chan ; edited by Ruoyu Wu.

Year: 2020-2021

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Author: 胡嘉文編寫; 陳達輝插畫; 文若予主編.

Year: 2020-2021

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More Special Collection books:

The China model : an alternative path to success / Yip, Kwok-wah

三百年的拐點中國和美國的回應 / 葉國華

孟子今譯時析 / 呂子德

持續共享思維和情緒健康評量表 : 幼兒教育和照顧質量評估(適用於2-5歲保教機構) / Siraj, Iram

玩遊戲, 開啟多元智慧 : 多元智慧最佳訓練方案 / 陳保琼

現代關鍵概念的翻譯 : 貌合神離抑或心心相印 /

老莊今譯時析 / 周偉馳

詩詞金句今譯時析 / 周偉馳

運動環境評量表 : 通過運動和體能活動促進身體發展(適用於2-6歲幼兒保教機構) / Archer, Carol

Printed Journal :


Every child : the magazine of the Australian Early Childhood Association

Volume: 2021, Vol. 27, No. 1

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Everyday learning series

Volume: 2021, Vol. 19, No. 1

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