Library Closure from 11 - 23 Nov 2019

As there is a suspension of face-to-face teaching from 11 - 26 November 2019, the Library will NOT be open at least from 11 – 23 November 2019.

However, if you have a need for library services during this period, please let us know in advance as early as possible (preferably at least 2 hours in advance) so that we can help you either remotely or on campus. You may choose one of the following methods to contact us:

  • by email:     
  • by WhatsApp: 
  • by Voice call:       (+852) 5576-4404

    The following arrangements on your library loans and access to electronic resources will be made:

1.     Late return of overdue items

No overdue fines will be charged during the period of Library closure (11 - 26 Nov). Please return borrowed items within 4 days after the Library reopens. If you are not able to return your items in this period, please contact us via email (

You may receive Advance Overdue Notices or Overdue Notices regarding borrowed items due during the period of Library closure. These are generated automatically by the library system and do not need to be handled.

2.     Library overdue fines

All Library fines incurred during the extended closure will be waived. You can return items within 4 days of the Library reopening. You may receive Overdue Notices generated automatically by the library system and please note that there’s no need to handle them.

3.     Renewal of items

You can also extend the loan period of borrowed items by renewing it via your Library Account: click here to login. If you are unable to renew borrowed items, please contact us via email (

4.     E-resources

This will be a good time to make good use of the Library e-resources! Below are two major online databases you can use at home:

  • E-books & Journal articles: EBSCO (Click here)
  • Book chapters & Journal articles: JSTOR (Click here)

Please feel free to contact the Library if you have any questions.