Reference Services

Reference services

Reference services are provided at the Library Counter. Library staff is available to assist users with research and other information enquires. Students are welcomed to seek advices on how to conduct research with various resources and information retrieval tools.

Library orientation

At the start of the new academic year, there is normally a library orientation for our new students. Occasionally, we may hold additional training sessions for those who join the College after semesters start.

Major goals of our Library orientation are:

  • enhance the information literacy skills of our library users
  • enrich the ability of retrieving materials from Library effectively
  • introduce library service and facilities of Library
  • develop a good relationship between Library and library users


The Library provides workshops for library users to learn searching techniques and research skills. Academic staff are welcomed to request research workshops if necessary. To schedule a session, please send email to in advance.

Consultation service

Consultation service is available for individuals who would like to develop successful search strategies and identify appropriate sources for academic research projects and assignments. Students may request a 20-minute, free, individual consultation with a Librarian.

Please click this link to submit a request.