Research Studies

A researcher usually faces such questions as:

  • What is a “research study”?
  • How to get an appropriate research topic?
  • How to find scholarly articles?
  • How to write a good research paper?
  • How to cite your research paper sources?
  • How to publish your research paper?
  • … many others

On this page about research studies, there are eight areas designed to help our academic colleagues to get or retrieve relevant information they need: research guides, research reports, bibliographic tools, research software, research institutes, seminars, workshops, symposium, & conferences, scholar outputs, and plagiarism.

Some areas include soft copies – most of them are in pdf format and some may be in word file, for example, research guides and research reports. Since these sources are purely for YCCECE academic staff and students’ use, login is needed. In some areas, there are soft copies and/or URLs provide, for example, seminars, workshops, symposium, & conferences, while “research institutes” provides concise information about relevant institute and the link. Colleagues may find their list of publications in “scholar outputs”.

You are most welcomed to visit this page for your research need.