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Academic Year 2018-19 Term 2


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Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (DECS)

DECS CHI3102 Modern Chinese - Reading and Writing I MS YU Wing Sze (Taina)
DECS ENG3101 English III (Listening and Speaking) Dr MELLEN, Bradley Dean
DECS ENG3102 English IV (Reading and Writing) Ms Suzan Stamper
DECS ECE3102 Early Childhood Studies II (Introduction to Play) Ms TING Sau Fung Nancy
DECS ECE3103 Early Childhood Studies III  (Creative Experiences: Art, Music, Movement and Drama) Watson Jennifer
DECS ECE3901 Early Childhood Placement  Ms TING Sau Fung Nancy

High Diploma in Early Childhood Education (HDECE)

Year 1 = HD1   |   Year 2 = HD2
HD1 CHI4102 Modern Chinese Reading & Writing II Ms ZHENG Wanwei Crystal
HD1 ENG4102 Academic Writing I  Ms LEE Hang Lai Samman
HD2 ECE334 Educational Management and SusMS YU Wing Sze (Taina) ble Development of Early Childhood Settings Ms Payal Mahesh MANSUKANI
HD2 ECE336 Early Childhood Final Project Ms Mary Ann Bernice HOOD
HD2 ECE337 Early Childhood Curriculum V (Early Mathematics, Science and Technology) Ms NG Wai Ying (Kitty)
HD2 ECE338 Children with Diverse Needs IV (Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Assessment) Ms TSE Kwun Po (Rohnii )
HD2 ECE339 Practicum Ms SOH Shirley 
HD2 ENG322 Rhetoric and Public Speaking  Ms LEE Hang Lai (Samman)
HD2 ENG323 Composition through Literature Ms Suzan Stamper

Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education

Year 1 = BD1   |   Year 3 = BD3    |   FT = Full time   |   PT = Part time
BD1 ECE4901 Practicum Ms SOH Shirley
BD1 GEN4101 Critical Thinking and Independent Learning Ms Suzan Stamper
BD3FT ECE5105 Curriculum in ECE VIII (Understanding English Language Learning in Young Children)  Professor Soyoun BAE
BD3FT GEN5109 Theatre Art and Practice Dr JAIN Priyanka
BD3FT & BD3PT CHI5102 Modern Chinese Reading and Writing  MS YU Wing Sze (Taina)
BD3FT & BD3PT ECE5107 Educational Management and SusMS YU Wing Sze (Taina) ble Development in ECE Settings II (Early Childhood Classroom Design, Management and Supervision) Ms FUNG Lai Suen (Carol)
BD3FT & BD3PT ENG5102 Academic Writing II Ms Suzan Stamper
BD3FT & BD3PT GEN5104 (NCS) Hong Kong Society Dr Susan L. WILTSHIRE

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CHI3202 (NCS)

[DECS]  [HD1] 

Introduction to Chinese Language II  MS YU Wing Sze (Taina)

CHI4204 (NCS)

[DECS]  [HD1]

Intermediate Chinese Language II Ms ZHENG Wanwei Crystal
HD1 & BD1


Child Studies II (Child Observation) Ms Esther ACKER
HD1 & BD1


Foundations of Early Childhood Education II Ms Anika SAXENA
HD1 & BD1


Curriculum in ECE II (Children’s Language & Literature)  Ms Mary Ann Bernice HOOD
HD1 & BD1


Children with Diverse Needs II (Ages 3-6)  Ms TSE Kwun Po (Rohnii )

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