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Our academic colleagues have been progressively involved in the publishing activity of their publications. To help library readers further understand the academic products, YCCECE Library presents a brief description about individual works in the following pages. Some of the publications may be stocked in our library; therefore we include the call number of relevant item after the entry. Anyone interested in the book may retrieve it directly from the shelf. For some other items, including books, articles, or events, users are welcome to seek help from our Reference Librarian.

The list below is arranged in six parts: Book, Book chapter, Journal article (peer-reviewed & non-peer-reviewed), Proceedings, research projects, and Thesis. Within individual categories, all entries are arranged in alphabetical order of the title. If an author has a number of items in a category, the outputs will be arranged in reverse-chronological order.

The citation format is accordance to the style of American Psychological Association (APA).




  • Poposki, J., & Poposka, S. T. (1975). Energy characteristics of a two-stage compressive cooling machine: Anthology. Skopje, Macedonia: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

  • Mircevski, M., & Poposka, S. T. (1986). Fluid mechanics – A collection of problems with a short theoretical review: Hydrodynamics. Skopje, Macedonia: University of Cyril and Methodius Press.

  • Saljnikov, V. N., & Poposka, S. T. (1982). Laminar temperature boundary layer on porous contour with varying temperature, mechanics. Belgrade, Yugoslavia: The Yugoslav Association of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics.

  • Saljnikov, V. N., & Poposka, S. T. (1984). Temperaturgrenzschicht an porosen warmendurchlassigen Wanden bei laminarer umstromung. [Temperature boundary layer of laminar flow over porous heated walls]. Belgrade, Yugoslavia: Mechanics.


Book chapter

Mr. Simon K. LI

  • Li, S. K., & Hill, E. M. (2004). The role of Morris Cohen and Chinese Canadians in the militarization of the Guomindang, 1922-1925. In J. Y. Lin & M. Li (Eds.), Sun Yat-sen and the World. Guangzhou, China: Institute of Sun Yat-sen Studies, Sun Yat-sen University.
  • 李家豪。(2010) 。2003年之「我們的七一」:多倫多與香港。載於我們的七一: 廿一世紀香港公民社會啟示錄。香港: 一品文庫。
  • 李家豪。(2009) 。「AD學生不高興」── 香港副學士生正在想甚麼?。載於香港副學士生對就業前景的看法。香港: Roundtable 教育研究中心。
  • 李家豪、邱燕凌。(2005) 。孫中山與加拿大。載於看清世界與正視中國。天津: 天津古籍出版社。
  • 李家豪。(2015) 。 書評:《柬埔寨:被詛咒的國度》— 揭示歷史創傷與政治暴力的後遺症。超閱網,聯合出版集團。取自


Stamper, S. (2012). Critical reading and the dangers of DHMO. In Day, R. R. (Ed). New Ways in Teaching Reading.Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
Stamper, S. (2012). Word clouds. In Day, R. R. (Ed). New Ways in Teaching Reading. Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
Lai, J., & Stamper, S. (2005). Newspapers and language unfold in web-based language awareness activities. In McNeil, A. and Lai, J. (Eds.). Crosslinks in English Language Teaching, Vol 2. (pp. 209-225). Hong Kong: English Language Teaching Unit, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Moody, S.* & Sandholdt, L. (1997). What a site. In T. Boswood (Ed.). New Ways of Using Computers in Language Teaching (pp. 152-154). Maryland, USA: TESOL.
* Suzan Stamper

Dr Alice Wong

Berdoussis, N., Wong, A. & Wien, C. (2008). Learner as protagonist in a standardized curriculum: A grade three unit on the city, (pp.38-51). In C. Wien (Ed.), Emergent curriculum in the primary classroom. New York, NY: Teachers College Press. [reprint]


Journal articles

Mr. Simon K. LI
Li, S. K. (2011, November). The electoral affairs commission in the age of new media (cover story), RTHK Media Digest《傳媒透視》.
Li, S. K. (2009, April 5). Internationalization of higher education in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Economic Journal《信報》.
Li, S. K. (2007, February 15). Righting wrongs: Apology makes this year special. Toronto Star.
李家豪(2009, 3月19日).歷史檔案非私產應公開查閱.《香港經濟日報》.


Rossing, J. P., Miller, W. M., Cecil, A. K., & Stamper, S. (2012). iLearning: The future of higher education? Student perceptions on learning with mobile tablets. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 12(2), 1-26.
Moody, S. * (1996, January). OWLs and ESL students (online). Kairos 1.1. Retrieved from
* Suzan Stamper

Dr Alice Wong

Wong, A. (2010). Dialogue engagements. Canadian Children, 34 (2), 25-30.
Wong, A. (2006). Documenting in the infant classroom. Canadian Children31 (2), 32-39.
Berdoussis, N., Wong, A. & Wien, C. (2005). Learner as protagonist in a standardized curriculum: A grade three unit on the city. Canadian Children30 (2), 23-30.

Ms Crystal W.W. ZHENG

鄭婉薇 (2012). 淺論粵方言中“雞”的隱喻化表達. 神州, 第18期.



Mr Simon K. LI

Li, S. K. (2008, June 15-17). Are human rights systems engaging the diverse communities they should serve?Paper presented at the Academic Conference on Human Rights, Niagara College, Niagara, Ontario convened by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.


Tang, A. S. T., Brian, O., & Poposka, S. T. (2008, Sept. 9). Meeting the manpower demand in Hong Kong through industry collaboration. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Advances in Technology Education 2008, Kumamoto, Japan.
Leung, D., Poposka, S. T., & Tang, A. S. T. (2002, June 20-21). Bridging schools and workplace – Our attempt. In K. S. Volk & W. M. W. So (eds.), Science & Technology Education Conference 2002 Proceedings (pp. 74-81). Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Woo, C. W., Tang, A. S. T., & Poposka, S. T., (2000, August 6-9). Vocational education in engineering in the information age. In IVETA conference 2000: Vocational education and training for life long learning in the information era: conference proceedings: [theme: partnership for vocational education and training] (electronic resources), [Hong Kong]: International Vocational Education and Training Association.


The program for this conference was structured around sub-sessions focusing on particular themes. This paper was part of the fifth theme: ‘Partnership for vocational education and training’. Learning new skills or acquiring new knowledge is becoming part of life for most adults. The paradigm of lifelong learning has found advocates among individuals and policy makers. In the information age, lifelong learning will be increasingly dependent on successfully applying information and communication technology. The paper outlines recent curriculum developments in the Department of Mechanical, Marine and Building Services Engineering at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, highlighting the application of information technology in course delivery and management. In catering for the changing needs of local industry, the Department seeks to establish partnerships with local companies while aiming to expand the Department’s scope of lifelong learning provision at the same time. [From VOCEDplus produced by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)]

Poposka, S. T. (1993).Energy equation of laminar boundary layer of compressible fluid flow over porous contour,GAMM Congress, Dresden, Germany.
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Saljnikov, V. N., Amberg, S. K., & Poposka, S. T. (1995). Calculation of three-dimensional laminar steady compressible boundary layer characteristics on swept porous contour air profile by application of generalized similarity method. Proceedings of the 15th Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics, Victoria, Canada
Saljnikov, V. N., Amberg, S. K., & Poposka, S. T. (1994).Three-dimensional laminar steady compressible boundary layer on porous contours of a yaw cylinder. Presented at the GAMM Congress, Braunschweig, Germany.
Semmler, E. & Poposka, S. T. (1996). Practical application of the generalized similarity method in calculating Laminar Boundary Layer characteristics. Proceedings of the 1996 Forum of the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering (CSME), Hamilton, Canada.

Dr Alice Wong

Wong, A. (2010, May). Making teacher learning visible: A social constructivist approach to reflective practice. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Denver, Colorado.
Wong, A. (2009, May). Cultivating dialogic spaces for analyzing pedagogical documentation. Workshop presented at the Reggio-Inspired Care & Education Conference, Manitoba, Canada.
Wong, A. (2009, May). Exploring communities of practice using documentation. Paper presented at the Canadian Society for Studies in Education Conference, Ottawa, Canada.
Wong, A. (2008, October). Facilitating pedagogical documentation as on-site professional development for childcare practitioners. Workshop presented at the Canadian Association for Young Children, Montreal, Quebec.
Wong, A. (2008, July). Facilitating social reflective practice as teacher development. Paper presented at the Paris International Conference on Education. Paris, France.

Ms Crystal W.W. ZHENG

Zheng, C. W. W. (2012, May 25-26). Preparing teaching materials: from language structure centered to pragmatic centered. International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow hosted by the Chinese Language Program of Columbia University.
Zheng, C. W. W. (2012, December 8). 香港粵語多音字的分類整理, 第十七屆國際粵方言研討會暨海外漢語方言專題討論會(17th International Conference on Yue Dialects and Oversea Chinese Dialects) 暨南大學漢語方言研究中心及暨南大學華文學院主辦 (organized by Research Centre for Chinese Dialectology and College of Chinese Language and Culture, Ji'nan University, Guangzhou).



Dr Alice Wong

Wong, A. (2010). Teaching learning made visible: Collaboration and the study of pedagogical documentation in two childcare centre. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.
Wong, A. (2006). Dialogue engagements: A space for early childhood educators to talk, listen, and study documentation. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, York University, Toronto, Canada.