The Library aims at building up a collection that fits the current and changing needs in learning, teaching, and personal development of students and staff in our College.

On the one hand, academically programme-based resources are selected and acquired to support and enhance the quality of the teaching and to help achieve the learning outcomes. On the other hand, library professional staff recommends and purchase relevant, appropriate and most needed print publications, serials, audio-visual materials, and electronic resources in order to empower authentic learning and knowledge-building at YCCECE.

In terms of the format of available resources, YCCECE library collection can be divided into two major parts: physical and electronic. There will be a separate page about electronic resources supplemented by a brief description in one of the sections below. Physical collection consists of those tangible items, for example, books, magazines and journals, and audio-visual materials.

Most of the items in the Library collection, for example, books in general and audio-visual materials are available for borrowing. Some items, such as reference titles, serials and reserved items may only be used in the Library. This practice is to ensure the availability of most needed items to as many patrons as possible. For further information about our reserve and reference services, please consult relevant pages.

Physical collection

The Library in the meantime houses a collection of 4,200 volumes of Chinese and English materials, and about 30 active titles of printed serials. Since all library materials are selected to fit the needs of our College development, we are now consolidating our printed collection including the number of newspaper titles so that it is able to truly reflect the shifted focus on Early Childhood Education in the academic year of 2016-2017. 

Electronic collection

To meet the needs of online library resources by our users and to achieve the target of digitization that is a global trend in library world, the Library is building up its electronic collection. The Library currently offers access to over 15,000 electronic journal titles and some reference databases. YCCECE staff and students can have unlimited access electronic resources inside and outside campus.